Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of March

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Prov. 17:9 “He who covers a transgression seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates close friends.”



If we hate each other, we will have endless strife, but love covers not only one sin or some sins but all sins. James ends his writing by saying, “My brothers, he who turns a sinner back from the error of his way will save that one’s soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins”. If a brother is led astray from the truth to attend the denominations or go to the movies, our small group may feel that we do not need him, because he is not qualified. This is not love; this is hate. Love covers many sins. Even if we know that he goes to the movies, we should not tell others. This is to cover him. We would rather be like the sons of Noah who covered their father’s nakedness, which was due to his drunkenness. We do not like to uncover others. Covering brings in blessing, but uncovering brings in a curse. This is not a small matter. Those who uncover suffer the curse, but those who cover others’ sins, defects, and shortcomings enjoy, gain, and receive blessing. Cover a multitude of sins in James 5:20 is an Old Testament expression used by James to indicate that turning an erring brother back is to cover his sins so that he is not condemned. Cover…sins here equals sins…forgiven in verse 15, as in Psalm 32:1, which says, “Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven; / Whose sin is covered.” (CWWL, 1994-1997, vol. 5, “A Word of Love to the Co-workers, Elders, Lovers, and Seekers of the Lord,” ch. 2)

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