Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of Mar.

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Gal. 5:4 “You have been brought to nought, separated from Christ, you who are being justified by law; you have fallen from grace.”4:30 “…“Cast out the maidservant and her son, for the son of the maidservant shall by no means inherit with the son of the free woman.””


All of the revival preachers stir up people, telling them to live for Christ and to work for Him. But in our ministry we are saying that you have to stop living a Christian life by yourselves and doing a Christian work with worldly means. Do not be bothered at our saying this, for regardless how much we tell people to stop, hardly anyone will stop….Although it is easy to be called by God, it is most difficult to stop your natural zeal. If the Lord would come in to stop you, you might say, “No, Lord. Look at today’s situation. Hardly anyone works for You in what I am burdened to do. I’m nearly the only one. How could I stop my work for You?” But blessed is the one who will stop, for when you stop, God comes in. The end of humanity is the beginning of divinity. When our human life ends, the divine life begins.

When Abraham was eighty-six years of age, he still had too much of his own strength, causing God to wait for another thirteen years. Perhaps God, sitting in the heavens and looking at Abraham, said, “Abraham, you are now eighty-six, but I still have to wait for another thirteen years.” While you are praying that God will do something, God is praying that you will stop. While you are saying, “O Lord, help me to do something,” God is saying, “It would really be good for you to stop.” While Abraham was so busy on earth, God might have looked at him and said, “Poor Abraham, you don’t need to be that busy. Won’t you stop and let Me come in? Please stop and let Me do it. Since you won’t stop, I have to wait until you are ninety-nine years old.” God waited until Abraham was a dying person out of function. Then He came in and could say, “Now is My start. Now is My time to begin something.” (Further Reading: Life-study of Genesis, msg. 46; Truth Lessons—Level Three, vol. 1, lsn. 6)

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