Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of December

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Rev. 22:1 “…he showed me a river of water of life…proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the middle of its street.”




When Christ is on the throne in our experience, we have the flow of the river of water of life. The river of water of life flows out from the throne. With this flow we have the tree of life, which is Christ as our life supply. When we have the flow, we have Christ as the rich and fresh supply of life.


If we have this stream, we also have fellowship with all the members of the city, for this stream brings us to every part of the city. In this city there is only one street, and by this street we can reach every part of the city. This street is the fellowship. I may serve with a brother every day and even live with him, but I cannot fellowship with him and he cannot fellowship with me unless we are enjoying the river of water of life. Although some outward contact is possible, in order to contact one another inwardly, there is the need of the stream.

We should go to the Lord to contact Him. He is the lamp; He will enlighten us and bring us into the light of God. He is the Lamb; He will cleanse us and apply His redemption to us once more. He is on the throne; He will cause us to realize His headship and lordship and to submit ourselves to His authority. The issue of experiencing the Lord in this way will be a wonderful flow. A wonderful stream will flow within us with the rich life supply, the divine way, and the spiritual fellowship. (CWWL, 1963, vol. 3, pp. 516-520)

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