Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of April

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Rom. 12:5 “So we who are many are one Body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”



The consummation of the work of the cross is the church. The work of the cross goes as far as the Body of Christ and consummates with the Body of Christ. Hence, the knowledge of the cross brings us to the knowledge of the Body of Christ. The cross brings a man to a state of weakness and inability, one in which he totally loses hope in the old creation. When he is brought to this point, he is delivered in a real way from the old creation and brought into the new creation. Everything in the old creation has been condemned and terminated by the cross. The Body of Christ is the new creation; it has nothing to do with the old creation. The church has no use for anything that comes from the old man. The church only takes that which issues from Christ.


In order to understand how the church becomes the Body of Christ, we have to understand Romans 5 through 8. Chapter 5 tells us that all men are joined to Adam and that man derives his life from Adam. Through Adam’s fall, all men have become sinners and have been joined to the old man. Chapter 6 tells us that the old man has to be dealt with; it has to be crucified with Christ. Through Christ’s redemption, we have died and resurrected. Chapter 7 says that a man should no longer live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. Chapter 8 goes on to explain how we live according to the Spirit. In order to know the Body of Christ, we have to deal with our natural life.(CWWN, vol. 44, pp. 790-793)

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