Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of January

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Col. 3:15 “And let the peace of Christ arbitrate in your hearts…”



The Greek term for arbitrate can also be rendered “umpire, preside,” or “be enthroned as a ruler and decider of everything.” The arbitrating peace of Christ in our hearts dissolves the complaint mentioned in verse 13. For the proper Body life we need the peace of Christ to arbitrate, to adjust, to decide all things in our heart in the relationships between the members of His Body. We need to give place to the presiding peace of Christ and allow this peace, which is the oneness of the new man, to rule within us. We need to set aside our opinion, our concept, and listen to the word of the indwelling referee.


When the peace of Christ is enthroned in our hearts to be the unique umpire within us, we shall have peace with God vertically and with the saints horizontally. We praise the Lord that we are enjoying peace, and in this peace the church life as the new man is preserved! As the peace of Christ presides in our hearts, the renewing of the new man takes place continually. If we stay under the ruling of the enthroned peace of Christ, we shall not offend others or damage them. Rather, by the Lord’s grace and with His peace, we shall minister life to others. The oneness in a local church and among the churches is not maintained by human endeavoring. It is maintained only by the arbitrating peace of Christ. (Life-study of Colossians, pp. 242-245, 265, 564-565)

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