Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of August

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Exo. 33:11a “And Jehovah would speak to Moses face to face, just as a man speaks to his companion.” 



To serve the Lord is not simply a matter of a way or a method. Serving the Lord is something very personal. If we would serve the Lord, we must be a person who has an intimate relationship with Him. Otherwise, we may be good Christian workers, but we cannot be those who are able to touch God’s heart. Moses was a man greatly used by God. The period of time from the day Moses was called in Exodus 3 to the conversation between him and God in Exodus 32 and 33 was probably not more than two years. During the course of this period of time, Moses became intimate with God.


The record in the book of Exodus gives many details concerning the person of Moses. According to this record, before the first forty days Moses spent on the mountain with God, his relationship with God was not yet one of intimacy. But in the incident of the making of the golden calf, we see that Moses and God had an intimate talk. This indicates the beginning of Moses’ intimacy with God. During the forty days he was with God, Moses gained a thorough knowledge of God’s heart concerning the children of Israel. Moses knew that God wanted this people to be His own, that He wanted to take them for His bride. Moses knew that not even the people’s sin of worshipping the golden calf could change the desire of God’s heart. Although this offense created an extremely difficult problem, Moses had the assurance that God could be propitiated. He knew God’s heart, and he knew the way to approach Him concerning His people.


To the uttermost, God and Moses were partners in a great enterprise. They were both involved in the same “career.” Moses and the Lord were not only intimate friends; they were associates, partners, companions. As a companion of God, Moses had an intimate relationship with Him and knew what was on His heart. (Life-study of Exodus, Chap. 176)

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