Prayer Burdens – Week 5 of June

Jul 2, 2019 by

Pray for the Students’ Training 7/7-7/14 in Ho Chi Minh city.


Pray for the saints to rise up and build up a habit for gospel preaching; may the Lord lead us in this warfare so that more useful vessels can be added to His church.


1. Pray for all the existing trainees to be perfected and advanced further in truth, life, service and character in order to be useful to the Master.
2. Pray for all the preparation arrangements for the upcoming Fall ITERO in India, that the Lord can head up all the arrangements for the release of His speaking.


Pray for more Recovery Version Bibles and ministry books to be made available in Bhutan and for them to reach the hungry and seeking ones.


Sri Lanka
Pray for the seven local saints attending the semi-annual training in Anaheim this July to enjoy the Lord’s speaking and the fellowship of the Body.


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