Prayer Burdens – Week 5 of January

Jan 31, 2022 by


Pray that the Lord will sustain and build up the dozen college students that are among us, and that in the coming semester He will graciously add three more local college students as remaining fruit.



Pray for the initial contact with Rhema readers that more seekers can be gained by the Lord for His testimony.



Pray for the saints to be protected and for the world to repent and turn to the Lord during the pandemic; also pray for the saints to be watchful and prepared as the day of the Lord’s coming is approaching.



Pray for the newly saved ones to be preserved by the Lord.



Pray for the three-month perfecting training, that the hearts of the trainees can be gained and that they can consecrate themselves to the Lord voluntarily to be perfected and become useful vessels to the Lord.



Pray for the distribution of 7 Rhema e-books, that the gospel of the kingdom can be spread to all Vietnamese-speaking people and the word of the ministry can be supplied to the seeking Christians.

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