Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of September

Sep 28, 2020 by

East Timor
Pray for the establishment of a core service group and the raising up of the church in Dili.


1. Pray for the start of the Full-time training to perfect more young people for the Lord’s move in Vietnam.
2. Pray for the brothers and sisters serving in the children’s work in their labor to complete the children’s hymns and lessons.


Pray for more young people to join the Nazarite perfecting training that they can be equipped with the truth and become useful vessels to the Lord.


Pray for the one-on-one shepherding to cover more saints, that the saints can be nourished and perfected to have a burden to pray, shepherd each other and be built together into oneness.


Pray for the strengthening of the testimony in the major cities in India, that the saints can be supplied in the word and continue to grow in life and in number for the sake of the Lord’s testimony.

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