Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of Mar.

Mar 17, 2014 by


1. Pray for the bible-study groups and gospel preaching in the University of Zambia

2. Pray for the visiting and gaining of more local families in the communities


1. Please pray for the gospel move at Silet from Mar. 14-22


1. Please pray for the Sisters combine meeting on Mar. 22

2. Please pray for the Young People Combine Meeting on Mar. 29


1. Please pray for the one-month intensfied propagation in Kasur and the first Lord’s table meeting there on Mar. 30

2. Pray for the search for the meeting hall in Lahore

3. Pray for the translation and proofreading of the Crystallization study of Genesis to be completed ASAP

Sri Lanka:

1. Pray for the government registration of the Church in Colombo to be be approved ASAP

2. Pray for the proof-reading of 7 Rhema Books to be completed before Apr. 19

3. Pray for the raising up 5 more solid families through the propagation at Gampaha from Mar. 10-22, and the establishment of the golden lamp stand there on Mar. 23 (Lord’s Day)

4. Please pray for the two weeks intensified propagation at Gambaha from Mar. 10-21

5. Please pray for the New Believers Perfecting Conference at Gampaha on Mar. 22


1. Pray for the Turkic language Rhema literature distribution in Turkey

2. Pray for the political development and the March local election in Turkey

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