Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of April

Apr 18, 2022 by

Sri Lanka

Pray for the propagation among campus students to gain proper vessels for His move in Sri Lanka.



Pray for the brothers in Lahore to know the Body, function properly and organically in the Body, and consecrate themselves fully in the spirit of oneness for the building up of the Body of Christ.



Pray for the New Testament Recovery Version final printing in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Mizo languages; the final print files have been sent to LSM, pray that the final printing can be done without delay and pray for the Bible distribution afterwards in various states in this country.


East Timor

Pray for the raising up of the church in Dili.



Pray for the propagation in Dhaka. May the Lord open the door of the gospel through constant door-knocking, contacting young people on campus, and establishing gospel home meetings with them.



Pray for the distribution of the new Azerbaijani and Russian literature to find fertile ground, take root, and bear fruit.

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