Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of March

Mar 14, 2017 by


1. Pray for more families to be gained and the church life to be raised up in Long Xuyen and Ba Ria.

2. Pray for the perfecting training for shepherds in Suoi Gieng from 3/16-18 and in Ho Nai from 3/28-30, that all the leading brothers will receive much grace to shepherd the flock of God.



1. Pray for the saints in the church in Lalitpur, which was raised up on March 11, to be constituted with this ministry through corporate morning revival every morning and stand firm on the proper ground for the testimony of the church.

2. Pray for the saints in Pokhara to be shepherded through the enjoyment of the word of God, that all can be constituted with the truth and become solid and functioning members of the church.



1. Pray for the Serving Ones’ Meeting in Than Taung Town from 3/13-15.

2. Pray for the Bible Truth Training in Myitkyina from 3/20-22.

3. Pray for the orientation meeting of the FTTY 23th term on 3/27.

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