Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of February

Feb 11, 2019 by

1. Pray for the 4 key families in Dhaka and the 4 young families in Chittagong to open more to the Lord’s shepherding, to grow up in life to function and to open their houses to serve the Lord.
2. Pray for the brothers’ house and sisters’ house and may all the young saints be shepherded well to have a good church life.


1. Pray for the saints to coordinate and serve the Lord with one accord to cooperate with His move in Laos.
2. Pray for the translation of the ministry materials into Lao, so that the saints serving in translation would be filled with revelation from God, and that the translated materials would supply the needs of the saints.


1. Pray for the campus gospel move of the new semester in major cities, that many good materials can be gained from the campuses and be perfected as the useful vessels to be formed into the army of God for His move on the earth.
2. Pray for the new term of FTTND, that the Lord can strengthen all the 9 new trainees coming for the first term; pray also for all the existing trainees to be perfected and advanced further in truth, life, service and character in order to be useful to the Master.

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