Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of May

May 3, 2022 by


Pray for the ministry distribution in different areas, so that the word of God can spread and increase and more seeking ones can be gained thoroughly by the Lord.



Pray for the seeking ones to enter into the printed ministry and see the Lord’s recovery.



Pray for the National Serving Ones’ Training 5/6-5/8, so that all the 1000 plus registrants can receive the Lord’s up-to-date speaking for the furtherance of the Lord’s move in this country.



Pray for the young people to be raised up by the Lord and be burdened to participate in the full-time training.



Pray for the church in Lalitpur that the Lord may bring more saints into the enjoyment of the morning revival and strengthen the young people’s meeting.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the Sri Lankan government to solve the economic crisis so that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life; also pray for all the university students to be captured by the Lord in this time of drastic change.



Pray that the Lord would grace the saints laboring in the literature work abundantly and strengthen them to serve Him and the Body in His rest and under His yoke.

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