Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of May

May 8, 2018 by

Pray for the Perfecting Training for Shepherds from 5/7-8 and for the Elders and Responsible Ones Training from 5/9-11 and May the Lord strengthen the leading brothers in Vietnam.


1. Pray for the Responsible Brothers’ Training from 5/11-13 to produce many pillars for the building of the church.
2. Pray for the burden of shepherding and may the Lord gain more saints to practice the home meetings.


Pray for the coming Serving Ones Training held in Pune from 5/11-13 that the 360 serving ones registered can be blended together in the Lord’s speaking and take Christ as their person to live Him in and for the church life.


Sri Lanka
Pray for the propagation in Colombo from 5/1-6/11 to gain 25 open families and raise up the third district of the church in Colombo.

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