Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of January

Jan 10, 2024 by


Pray for the new believers in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap to stay in the church life stably through shepherding, and some of them be perfected as the pillars in the church to bear the testimony.



Pray for more homes to be opened for the practice of the God-ordained way.



Pray for the 103 churches to be guarded by the Lord and to bear more fruit.



Pray for the gospel preaching and shepherding of the church in Lahore, that more burdened saints can be raised up, become living and functioning members, and renew their consecration in the new year to cooperate with God’s move.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the full-timers’ training from 1/16-1/19 at Kandy.



Pray for the families and friends of the saints in Dili to receive the gospel.

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