Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of January

Jan 3, 2023 by


Pray for the perfecting meetings on 1/6 and 1/20; may the Lord release more saints to participate in the meetings and be constituted with the truth.



Pray for the saints to be strengthened and supplied in the Lord.



Pray for the warm door gospel preaching in Pokhara, especially the gospel to children, relatives, and friends of the saints, so that more crucial families and remaining fruit can be gained.



Pray for the one-month perfecting training of the young people; may the Lord call them to be overcomers, so that they can consecrate themselves to the Lord voluntarily, receive perfecting of the Lord’s hands and become useful vessels.



Pray for the saints to abide in the vine, absorb His riches, and become fruitful branches; may the Lord bless the saints with two remaining fruits in January.



Pray for the saints in Adana; may the Lord open their eyes to see the vision of the Body and pursue the proper church life, gain their families, plant all of them into the church life and make them a shining lampstand.

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