Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of February

Feb 7, 2018 by

1. Pray for the saints to enjoy the Lord and be constituted with the word through entering into the word of the ministry in their daily morning revival.
2. Pray for the 11 saints participating in the International Chinese-speaking Conference to enjoy the dispensing of God and see the vision of the one new man.


1. Pray for the propagation in Pokhara and Lalitpur by the saints from Taiwan and the local saints from 1/31-2/5 and the follow-up shepherding that the seeking ones and families will remain in the church life.
2. Pray for the registration of the National Perfecting Training from 3/1-3/3 that more saints can pay the price to participate in the training and be perfected to be pillars in each locality.


1. Pray for the Lord’s move in Northern Vietnam that more families will migrate to Hanoi for the gospel.
2. Pray for the Spring conference in Hochiminh city from 2/19-20.

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