Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of May

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Gen. 14:18 “And Melchizedek the king of Salem brought out bread and wine. Now he was priest of God the Most High.”


What is a priest? …The priest is one who serves God. Although it is correct to say this, it is not adequate. A priest is not only one who serves God but also one who ministers God into man…. In a sense, serving God is secondary, while ministering God to man is primary. The basic significance of the priesthood is not to serve God but to minister God to man. If, as priests, we only know how to render service to God without knowing how to minister God to man, we shall be quite poor.

Melchisedec was the first priest in the Bible…. If you examine the case of Melchisedec as the priest of the most high God, you will see that he did not go from man to God but came from God to man. He did not go to God and serve God; he came from God and ministered something of God to Abraham, God’s seeker.

We need to cross the river out of [the] low concept into a higher one. God does not need your service, but He does want you to minister Himself to people. As the High Priest, Christ’s major job is to minister God to us. Mainly what Christ does within you is to minister God into you. This is our High Priest. He is continually doing one thing—ministering God into us. Some may say that Melchisedec did not minister God. But what about the bread and the wine—what do they signify? The bread and the wine signify God as our enjoyment, God being ministered to us to refresh, sustain, support, strengthen, and nourish us that we may grow with all the riches of God. This is the primary task of a priest. In principle, we who serve God today are His priests. As priests, our main responsibility is to minister Him to people. (Life-study of Hebrews, msg. 13)

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