Prayer Burdens & Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of June

Prayer Burdens:


1. Pray that the Lord continues to open the door for the spread of the gospel of the kingdom to gain proper vessels in this country.
2. Pray for more saints to receive the burden to come and coordinate for the propagation.


1. Pray for more burdened ones to be raised up to go to shepherd the saints, preach the gospel of the kingdom, and gain a harvest in this land.
2. Pray for the shepherding of 4 newly baptized sisters that they will grow in life and truth and be the outlet of the gospel.


1. Pray for the further shepherding of the families gained during the 5-week propagation in Kolkata, Dehradun and Gurgaon, that the Lord can open the way to take care of the newly contacted families for the Lord’s testimony in these places.
2. Pray for the 11 graduating trainees from FTTND this semester, that the Lord can lead them and strengthen them to live to the Lord in whatever they will do after graduation.


Weekly Pursuit:



Matt. 24:45 “Who then is the faithful and prudent slave, whom the master has set over his household to give them food at the proper time?”



The way to be faithful is to scatter the Lord’s word, which is food to every hungry one. The Lord’s household is composed not only of believers but also of sinners. Who will go to feed the hungry, sinful people? We all have to say, “Me!” We have to go. We must do everything that we can to spread the Word of God.


The Lord has given talents to all His slaves. Everyone was required to trade, to do business, to make money for the Lord’s kingdom. In order to do this, we have to feed His people at the proper time. Every day is a proper time, a meal time. There is someone ready to eat everywhere, so we need to be those using the Lord’s talent in full.


Also, by His mercy and through His grace we must do the best not to beat the fellow slaves, the fellow believers. Do not criticize or murmur about them. Do not speak anything negative about them, because you do not have the time to do it. Your mouth was not made for criticizing but for speaking forth Christ. To criticize the brothers is to beat the fellow slaves. This will cause us to be punished. We should also not go into the world to enjoy ourselves with the stupefied, drugged, and worldly people. We have to be the sober ones. We should have a job to maintain our living, but we should not dig into it. We are different from the worldly people. We all need to be faithful in the Lord’s service. (The Way to Practice the Lord’s Present Move, chs. 8, 10)