Prayer Burdens & Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of February


Prayer Burdens:


1. Pray for the brothers’ coordination to be shined, led and blessed by the Lord for the preparation of the full-time training in Vietnam, beginning in March 2021.
2. Pray for the online distribution of the 7 Rhema ebooks in Vietnamese.


East Timor
Pray for the establishment of a core service group and the raising up of the church in Dili.


1. Pray for the saints to stand firm for the Lord, grow in life and gain more people.
2. Pray for the initial contact with Rhema readers that more seekers can be gained by the Lord for His testimony.


Pray for the shepherding of the newly saved ones; may the Lord continue to attract them, strengthen their faith, shepherd their souls, and make them remaining fruits and fruit-bearing branches.


Weekly Pursuit:



Gal. 6:15 “For neither is circumcision anything nor uncircumcision, but a new creation is what matters.”



God has regenerated us through the resurrection of Christ, and now He renews us [and] transforms us. In His renewing and transforming, God consumes us, putting us into Christ’s death for our fellowship of His sufferings, which work out for us an eternal weight of glory, that we may experience Him in His resurrection and gain Him in His unsearchable riches.


As believers in Christ, we need to grow in the divine life of Christ that we may be transformed into what Christ is through the life-dispensing Spirit, that we may be built up with the saints to be the Body of Christ, the organism of the Triune God in Christ, and to be the new man as God’s new creation to carry out God’s eternal economy in the consummation of the New Jerusalem as the mingling of the processed Triune God with the glorified tripartite man, to be the corporate God-man’s manifestation in eternity.


Such a regenerated, transformed, and glorified saint in Christ has nothing to do with the natural man and does not need to build up himself with the natural human virtues. If Job and his friends had lived at the time to know this, they would have been saved from their time-wasting, pain-increasing, and vain debates in thirty-five chapters as a record of a group of blind persons groping in darkness. (Life-study of Job, msg. 35)

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