Prayer Burdens & Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of October


Prayer Burdens:



Pray for the blending of the saints in Baku with the brothers from overseas that the saints can be released, burdened and strengthened.



Pray for the serving ones to shepherd according to God and supply the saints through the Lord’s words, so that the saints may be perfected and function organically in the church life.



Pray for more saints in Siem Reap to receive the burden and separate their time to coordinate together for gospel preaching and shepherding.



Pray for the group meetings in Pokhara every Wednesday; may the Lord release the saints and the gospel friends to attend, receive life supply and be perfected in the meetings.



Pray for the Lord’s working within the gospel contacts to remove the obstacle of cultural and religious backgrounds and enable them to know the true God.



Pray for Rhema readers who are open to this ministry and seeking the Lord; may the Lord speak to them continually, save them from religion, bring them to participate in the church life and perfect them.

Weekly Pursuit:




Psa. 132:15 “This is My resting place forever; here will I dwell, for I have desired it.”




[In Psalm 132:15-18] Jehovah [speaks about Zion] by saying that He will abundantly bless Zion’s provision and satisfy its poor with bread, that He will clothe its priests with salvation, that its faithful ones will shout with a ringing shout, that there He will cause the horn of David to shoot forth, that He has prepared a lamp for His Anointed One, and that He will clothe with shame the enemies of His Anointed One but that on Him His crown will shine.


In Psalm 132 we have seven items related to the overcomer—resting, dwelling, food, clothing, the victorious horn, the enlightening lamp, and the shining crown. These items are at the top of the church life. However, when God is homeless, we also are homeless. When He does not have satisfaction, we also do not have satisfaction. But when God is resting and dwelling in Zion, we have plenty of food. Furthermore, we have the proper clothing, a horn, a lamp, and a crown. This is the situation of the overcomers in Zion, the highest peak of God’s mountain.


When Zion is built up and when God is resting there and dwelling in Jerusalem, then we have a place where we can gather and where we can dwell together in unity. If this is our situation in the meetings of the church, we will enjoy God’s commanded blessing. (Life-study of Psalms, msg. 42)

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