Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of May

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Rom. 10:17 “So faith comes out of hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.”




Faith is in our spirit, which is mingled with the Holy Spirit. Doubts are in our mind. This is why when you preach the gospel, you should not stir up the person’s mind. You should rather induce him to get into the spirit. Then you can complete the transaction. I must give a living testimony, testifying boldly, “…Oh, the Lord Jesus is living! He lives in me. And He was so living yesterday.”


This is what the church needs for edification, for the building up. The plain words spoken by anyone by the spirit of faith and in the Holy Spirit build the church. Therefore, we all have to practice everywhere to speak. We speak on the street; we speak in the classroom; we speak in the office; we speak at home; we speak to everybody, to all kinds of persons; and, we especially speak in the meetings, even the more in the home meetings. Learn to speak this way. This kind of speaking enlivens, this kind of speaking refreshes, this kind of speaking makes people new, this kind of speaking makes people strong and happy, and this kind of speaking imparts life to others and dispenses the Triune God into the listeners. This kind of speaking will overcome any kind of opposing environment. We must speak—speak in the Holy Spirit and speak by the spirit of faith. If everyone would become a speaker, a speaking witness, the situation would be overturned. This kind of speaking is a strong testimony of the Lord’s recovery. (The Living Needed for Building Up the Small Group Meetings, ch. 5)

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