Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of March

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Exo. 17:16 “For he said, For there is a hand against the throne of Jah! Jehovah will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.”


The greatest reason God so deeply hates the flesh is that Satan lives in the flesh. The flesh is the camp of God’s enemy and the largest base for his work. We can say that all the work of Satan in man is accomplished by means of the flesh. And all his work through the means of the flesh destroys the plan and the goal of God. Therefore, we can say that God hates the flesh in the same manner that He hates Satan, and that He wants to destroy the flesh in the same manner that He wants to destroy Satan. God and the flesh can never exist together. (The Experience of Life, msg. 9)

The flesh is most ugly simply because it is against the throne, administration, and plan of God. This is a matter of great significance…. The flesh does not simply commit minor wrongdoings. It is a hand against the very throne of God.

In [the word concerning Amalek in] 1 Samuel 15, …we see how King Saul lost his kingship. Although Saul was properly anointed to be king, he lost the kingship because of the way he dealt with Amalek. From this we should learn to be careful in dealing with the flesh. We may deal with it in such a way that we shall lose our kingship…. Although Saul did destroy the Amalekites, he did not do so in an absolute way…. Saul spared the best of the sheep and the “choice of the things which should have been utterly destroyed” (v. 21, Heb.). This portrays the fact that, experientially, we treasure the good aspects of our natural life, our natural virtue, for example, and do not wish to destroy them. We all treasure the good points of our flesh. All of us are Sauls. When we are charged by God to destroy the flesh, we destroy the negative things, such as our temper. But few are willing to destroy the good aspects of the natural life. No matter what kind of persons we may be, we all treasure the choice parts of our natural being. However, we should be encouraged by the fact that the Lord is still working on us and within us. (Life-study of Exodus, msgs. 46, 48)

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