Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of November

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S. S. 1:4 “Draw me; we will run after you—the king has brought me into his chambers—we will be glad and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine.”



Christ the King brings His seekers into His chambers, that is, into their regenerated spirit; His dwelling place. In this first chapter of Song of Songs He and we have the private and affectionate fellowship. We must go to our spirit. The inner chambers of Christ are His lovers’ regenerated spirits mingled with and indwelt by Him as the life-dispensing Spirit and are the practical Holy of Holies in Christ’s lovers for their participation in and enjoyment of the pneumatic Christ as the consummated Triune God.


First, God saves us; then the Lord leads us to know how to contact Him in our spirit privately and spiritually. Because we want to enjoy His rich presence with His rest and satisfaction, He tells us clearly that He is only with His flock, the church. The essence of the church is the organic Body of Christ, which consummates in the New Jerusalem. After we were saved, our concern was merely for our satisfaction, but Christ’s concern is God’s satisfaction—to have His eternal economy accomplished by having us as the members of the church, the essence of which is the organic Body of Christ, which ultimately consummates in the New Jerusalem.


When we fellowship with Christ privately and spiritually, He will direct our feet to go forth on the footsteps of the flock. Then we will be in the church for the Body of Christ and for the consummation of the New Jerusalem. (Crystallization-study of Song of Songs, pp. 263-265, 270)

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