Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of March

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Heb. 6:19-20 “…We have…an anchor of the soul, both secure and firm and which enters within the veil, where the Forerunner, Jesus, has entered for us….”




When we believed in the Lord, we may have encountered persecution and harassment from men. Outwardly, we were pressed and in pain, but inwardly there was a power that caused us to feel glorious. Although we may have wept outwardly, we were joyful inwardly. That power, glory, and joy are resurrection. They are Christ, as Solomon, in us. The Shulammite typifies the glorified church in the future, and she also typifies the church in resurrection today.


The Shulammite’s living with Solomon in the palaces of ivory typifies the church fellowshipping with Christ in the Holy of Holies. The emphasis is not on resurrection in the future but on living in resurrection today. God never intended for us to take the way of the cross by our own strong perseverance and reliance on ourselves. Instead, He comes into us in resurrection to be our power, supporting and motivating us to take the way of the cross. Outwardly speaking, the way of the cross is harsh, but those who take this way realize that there is a power within them. We are Solomon inwardly and David outwardly. Inwardly we are the Shulammite, and outwardly we are Abigail. These are not two separate experiences; rather, the two exist simultaneously, one being inward and the other being outward. Inwardly, Christ, as typified by Solomon, enables us to take the way of Jesus the Nazarene, as typified by David. (The Meaning of the Church, pp. 118-121)

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