Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of July

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Josh. 6:5 “And when they give off the blast of the ram’s horn and you hear the trumpet sound, all the people shall shout with a great shout. And the wall of the city will fall down flat…”



We must notice here that Joshua commanded the people [not to shout] until they heard the long blast of the rams’ horns at the end of the final circuit. Before that time they were to keep silence. What is the meaning of this? It means that if we are going to testify the victorious Christ, there are many times when we must be silent; we must let the priesthood blow the trumpet. We must let the priesthood blow the trumpet and give the sound. There must be no other voice. Then when the time comes, the time appointed by the Lord, we must shout. We must pray and praise the Lord with a loud voice, and the enemy will fall before us. This is the way for us to fight the battle. (The All-inclusive Christ, ch. 14)


We need to learn to overcome Satan not only by prayer but also by praise. Many people are conscious of Satan’s ferocity and their own weaknesses, and they resolve to struggle and pray. However, we find a very unique principle here: Spiritual victory does not depend on warfare but on praise…. Much warfare can be won by praise. Many battles are lost because of the lack of praise. If you believe in God, you can tell the Lord in the midst of your problems, “I praise Your name. You are higher than everything. You are stronger than everything. Your lovingkindness endures forever!” A person who praises God transcends everything. He overcomes continually by his praise. This is a principle, and this is also a fact. (CWWN, vol. 48, “Messages for Building Up New Believers (1)” pp. 254-255)

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