Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of October

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Exo. 23:20 “I am now sending an Angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared.”


Both the Angel and the promised land are types of Christ. The Angel typifies Christ as the One sent by God to guard us in the way and to bring us into the land…. The good land typifies Christ in His all-inclusiveness. Thus, Christ as the sent One brings us into Himself as the good land. This good land is the goal, the aim, the mark, of God’s purpose. Since the good land typifies Christ, this means that Christ is the goal. Who will bring us to this goal? No one other than Christ Himself. On the one hand, Christ is the good land; on the other hand, He is the One who brings us into the good land.

According to Exodus 23:23-24, 32-33, there are frustraters which keep us from possessing the land. These frustraters, the various pagan tribes occupying the land, signify different aspects of our natural life. For example, one of the tribes was the Canaanites. The word Canaan means merchant. In our natural life there is a Canaanite, one who aspires to make money. Other tribes signify the lust of the natural man and the greed of the natural life. In principle, all of the pagan tribes signify aspects of the natural life. In a very real sense, these tribes are in us. This means that in our natural life there are many frustraters which hinder us from taking possession of the all-inclusive Christ.

As the source of sin among God’s people, the natural life frustrates them from possessing Christ as the good land. Because the natural life keeps us from possessing Christ and enjoying Him, we must hate it and, as we grow, be willing to drive it out…. If we take the initiative to drive out the natural life, God will come in to honor us and strengthen us in this matter…. [This] depends on our growth in Christ. God promised the children of Israel that He would drive out the pagan tribes from before them. But the children of Israel had to take the initiative to drive them out…. The more we grow in life, the more we shall take the initiative to drive out the natural life. (Life-study of Exodus, msgs. 73 & 75)

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