Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of Nov.

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Rom. 12:4  “For just as in one body we have many members, and all the members do not have the same function.”

1 Cor. 12:18-20  “But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, even as He willed. And if all were one member, where would the body be? But now the members are many, but the body one.”

Ministry Reading:

If you are simply a believer, you can act as you please, but if you are a member of the Body, then you must allow yourself to be limited by the other members. Here we find the necessity of the cross. The cross leads to the Body, and the cross operates in the sphere of the Body….If I am a prophet, then I must give way to the evangelist when it comes to the matter of preaching to the unsaved. I should not feel the need to preach just because I have the gift of prophecy….It is essential for the development of the Body that we each recognize our measure and not go beyond it. This is a basic requirement for the growth of the Body. The Body of Christ is not only a protection to the members but a limitation to all the members. Every Christian is but one member in the Body of Christ and must accept the limitation of the Body. We should not allow ourselves to go our own way; rather, we should learn to be blended with other brothers and sisters. (CWWN, vol. 44, p. 805)

First Corinthians 12:18… shows that every member has a definite place, definite assignment, and definite position. Every member has a particular portion with which he serves the Body of Christ. The eyes see, the ears hear, and the nose smells. Each organ has its function, and each has its portion. The eyes serve the body by seeing. The ears serve the body by hearing. The nose serves the body by smelling. Each has its own responsibility, and none can replace another….Each member has his own characteristics, and each has his own capability. These characteristics and capabilities constitute the place, position, or ministry of each member.

We supply the Body with the life that we have received from Christ the Head. Yet when we function, we have to be proper and in order. Order in the Body is essential to growth and ministry….In the meeting…you have to speak according to your measure of faith and according to the leading of the Spirit. You have to know whether there is any overstepping in your speaking, and you have to know whether your speaking is too long….When we truly come under the authority of the Head, He sets us in our special place in the Body and appoints us to our special function.

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