Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of May

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Acts 6:4 “But we will continue steadfastly in prayer and in the ministry of the word.”



When people come to a meeting, there may be the need to release the word. We must seek the Lord concerning what we speak and concerning the issue of our speaking. If some are not yet saved, we should sow the seed of salvation into them when we release the word. If they are saved but do not love the Lord, our burden should be for them to love the Lord. If they love the Lord but are not willing to give themselves to the Lord, our burden should be for them to willingly give themselves to the Lord and be dealt with by Him. This is the ministry of the word with a burden.


When we minister the word of God, our concern should be whether we have God’s speaking, not the topic of our speaking. In order to have God’s speaking, the one who ministers the word must have a burden. People may have a negative reaction or be stirred up when they hear a message that is spoken with a burden, but they cannot deny that it is God’s speaking. This kind of message can help people and solve their problems.


One who ministers the word should bear people’s condition before God. When Brother Nee began his work in Foochow, he fasted and prayed every Saturday for the gospel meeting on the Lord’s Day. He considered before the Lord what to speak and how to speak. He considered what word the sinners needed to hear. Since he fasted and prayed with a heavy burden, his words were always very effective. (The Administration of the Church and the Ministry of the Word, ch. 2)

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