Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of May

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2 Cor. 11:28 “Apart from the things which have not been mentioned, there is this: the crowd of cares pressing upon me daily, the anxious concern for all the churches.”



When the Lord was on the earth, the center of His work was to build a house for God. Hence, He was devoured by the zeal of God’s house. Likewise, when the apostles were working for the Lord on the earth, the center of their work was to build up the house of God.


God desires that we come out of ourselves and our selfishness in order to care for the building up of His house. Those who are spiritually experienced know that God will care for us if we are willing to take care of others for His building. But if we do everything for ourselves and take care only of ourselves, we will not be built up in God’s house.


Instead of focusing on ourselves, we must care for the house of God. I enjoy reading the Bible, and if I had the time to do so, I could spend my whole life reading the Bible. However, I cannot do this and also take care of the needs of the saints. There are so many believers who need to be ministered to; hence, I cannot shut myself up in a room in order to read the Bible. I can testify that the light I have received from God far surpasses what I could have received in my personal study.


We must not focus on anything other than the work of God to build His house in the universe. Although we work with the young people, our goal is the building up of the house of God, not the young people…. May the Lord have mercy on us so that we would be devoured by a zeal for the house of God and so that we would be concerned for all the churches. (The Vision, Type, and Practice of the Building Up of the Church, chap. 9)

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