Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of October

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Psa. 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell in unity!”




When God’s people in the Old Testament returned to Jerusalem, all the things pertaining to God’s testimony returned: the altar, the offerings, the temple, the feasts, and the rich enjoyment. The godly things were found not in Babylon; they were in Jerusalem, the unique place of God’s choice. Even though God’s returned people were weak or inadequate in many respects, it cannot be denied that the Lord’s testimony was with them, not with those in Babylon.


[With] the children of Israel, holiness, victory, and spirituality were not the result of their effort. These virtues were theirs simply because they were right with the temple, with the Holy of Holies, and with the Ark. When they remained in the oneness by being right with the temple, there was no need for them to try to be holy, victorious, or spiritual. Spontaneously, they had these virtues.


When we are in the oneness, we are in life, and we enjoy every positive virtue and attribute. Furthermore, our spiritual condition gradually improves. The reason for this oneness is that God Himself is one. Oneness is His nature. In all God’s acts we see one origin, one element, and one essence. May we all be impressed with the vision of such a oneness. If we see the vision of the oneness of entirety, we will be delivered from every kind of division. ( The Genuine Ground of Oneness,” pp. 260, 262, 243)

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