Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of May

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1 Cor. 6:17 “But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit.”


A priest is not one who merely works for God. God has no intention of calling us to do something for Him. His intention is that we answer His call by opening ourselves to Him and saying, “Lord, here I am, not ready to work for You, but ready to be filled and possessed by You and to be one with You.” Not until we are one with the Lord can we ever work for Him and be a real priest. The main function of a priest is not to work but to spend time in the presence of the Lord until he is one with Him in the spirit. (The Priesthood, chap. 1)

A priest is a person who contacts God in the mingling with God…. A priest’s contact with God is in God. That is, as he contacts God, he is mingled with God, not objectively but subjectively. This is very deep. Today as the priests, when we go to contact God, we contact Him not merely objectively but also subjectively. We do not contact God apart from God; we contact God in God, that is, in the mingling with God. The whole atmosphere within the tabernacle is God. Therefore, when the priest goes into the tabernacle, he is in God to contact God, and God is also in him. We may compare this to contacting air. We do not contact air as we would a book. Instead, we contact the air by being in the air. Moreover, the air is also in us, so we are mingled with the air…. Similarly, we contact God in the mingling with God. (Functioning in Life as Gifts Given to the Body of Christ, chap. 7)

The unique purpose of God in creating all things and mankind, in leading us through all kinds of environments, and in continually working in us in various ways is to mingle Himself with us that He may become our content, our life, and our nature. (The Crucified Christ, chap. 2)

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