Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of February

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Deut. 1:21 “See, Jehovah your God has set the land before you; go up, possess it, as Jehovah the God of your fathers has spoken to you. Do not fear, neither be dismayed.”



The book of Deuteronomy is a speaking supplementary to the book of Numbers, concerning what kind of man one should be to inherit the promised land as the good land. He should be one who loves God, fears God, subjects himself to God’s ruling, minds the bowels of God, and lives in the presence of God. The principle of the New Testament is the same: God’s salvation is unconditional, whereas the enjoyment of the riches in Christ is conditional, depending on man’s loving Christ solely. Hence, the teaching in Deuteronomy is exactly the same as that in the New Testament. The expressions used in the teaching are different, but the essence of the teaching is the same.

When we hear about the kind of persons we must be to inherit the good land, we may feel that we cannot make it. If this is our feeling, we need to be reminded that the book of Deuteronomy is a book full of the word which is Christ. As the word, Christ is the One who sustains us and makes us those who love God, fear God, subject ourselves to God’s ruling, mind the tender feelings of God, and live in God’s presence. As long as we have a morning revival through the holy Word and have daily victory also through the Word, we will become those who are qualified to inherit the good land.

It is required that God’s people respond to God with their love in a way that fits in with God’s governmental administration. The inheritors needed to match the Giver of the inheritance, so that He could be with them both in their living and in their fighting. This is not a requirement of the law but a condition requiring God’s people to match what God is. (Life-study of Deuteronomy, msg. 2)

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