Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of February

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Rev. 4:5 “There were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.”




The seven Spirits are burning on this earth today for the carrying out of God’s administration. The purpose of the burning flame in carrying out God’s economy is to bring forth the golden lampstands, the churches. Burning implies judging, purifying, refining, and producing. I do not believe in the seemingly disappointing condition in the world or in the churches. I believe in the flame of the burning seven Spirits that control and direct the world and that also judge, purify, and refine the church to produce a pure golden lampstand. We are here endeavoring to afford the Lord an opportunity and an entrance to judge us, purify us, and refine us to produce a pure golden lampstand. We are open wide to the flaming of the seven Spirits of God. We all need to pray, “Lord, we are open. Come and shine upon us and shine from within us and enlighten every avenue and every corner of our being. We like to be exposed, purged, and purified.” Then the Lord has a way to produce a pure golden lampstand.


The seven Spirits are the seven lamps of fire burning before God’s throne, executing God’s economy in the universe, and the seven eyes of the Lamb, searching and infusing the churches. The seven Spirits search out our sinfulness and infuse us with the riches of Christ. While a person is speaking to you, his two eyes are also infusing you with his bur den. In like manner, the seven Spirits of God as the eyes of the Lamb infuse us with this wonderful One’s burden and essence. (God’s New Testament Economy, ch. 23)

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