Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of September

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Eph. 4:3 “Being diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit in the uniting bond of peace.”



Exodus 26 clearly shows that the oneness of the boards is altogether in the gold. Oneness is not a superficial matter. It is a matter of sinking deeply into the Triune God until we are fully overlaid with gold. We all need a great deal more of God. The more we are overlaid with gold, the more oneness we have. The more we have of God, the stronger is our oneness.


Being overlaid with gold always goes along with transformation, for the gold overlays only acacia wood. A particular part of our being cannot be reached by the overlaying gold until that part of us has truly been transformed. The overlaying of the gold is actually the spreading of the oneness. Transformation depends upon our loving the Lord, our contacting Him, our listening to His word, our praying to Him, and our walking according to the spirit. As long as we have these five things, we are living Christ. We are taking Christ as our life. Therefore, transformation takes place spontaneously. The overlaying of gold occurs simultaneously with this transformation. Wherever transformation is, there the overlaying gold is also.


There was no transformation [because] in the experience of these ones there was no dealing of the cross. Without the cross there can be no resurrection. The cross is very positive because it ushers us into resurrection. It is in resurrection that our natural life is transformed. This transformation in resurrection brings in the overlaying gold. Until we are thus transformed and overlaid, we will always be in danger of falling into dissension. The only safeguard is to be overlaid with gold. (Truth Messages, Chaps. 9-10)

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