Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of October

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Lev. 26:2 “You shall keep My Sabbaths and reverence My sanctuary; I am Jehovah.”



Keeping God’s Sabbath signifies that we should know that the work of God was done entirely by Himself that we might enjoy it, and that there is no need for us to do any work.


We need to learn to enjoy what God has achieved. This, however, is a hard lesson, for we have been taught to do many things. This item teaches us not to work but to respect, enter into, and enjoy what God has done for us. Although Christ has accomplished everything for us, we may not be in the enjoyment of this achievement. Instead of enjoying what Christ has done, we may keep on laboring, setting Christ’s
achievement aside. This is offensive to the Lord. We should take God’s work and rest because of it. It is an insult to God to ignore what He has done for us that we may rest in Him and in His work. To rest in God and in His work is to keep His Sabbath.


We may ignore God’s work and seek to do something for ourselves and by ourselves under the cloak of doing something for God. Such a thing may have a good appearance, but it is actually an insult to God, for it ignores what He has done for us that we may rest in Him and enjoy what He has done for us. Instead of ignoring what God has done, we should deny what we can do or want to do. We need to deny our work but honor God’s work and rest in Him. (Life-study of Leviticus, chap. 60)

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