Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of November

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John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”




According to the New Testament revelation, truth is the issue of light. What is doctrine? What is truth? Knowledge without light is doctrine. Knowledge full of light is truth. The Life-studies may be just doctrine to you, or they may be truth. The difference is that when you have the knowledge with light, it is truth. You can get doctrines without loving the Lord. You may go to a seminary or to a Bible college and gain a lot of knowledge, but you may not receive light, because light is the Lord Himself. If we do not love the Lord, we may come to the Bible, we may have morning watch, but what we read may be just knowledge without light. If we have the Lord’s presence mingled in our knowledge, then that knowledge is the truth because the Lord’s presence is the light. We must have a zeal to seek after the Lord. Then the Bible helps, the Life-studies help—help to get not doctrines but the truth, the real knowledge with light. Then we have the truth, the reality. ( CWWL, 1983, vol. 1, “Practical Talks to the Elders,” pp. 59-60)


It is common among Christians today to have many things without the life-giving Spirit. Regarding this matter, what is the goal of the Lord’s recovery? The goal of the Lord’s recovery is to recover the reality, life, livingness, strength, power, and impact of the matters revealed in the Scriptures…The life-giving Spirit is the life pulse, the reality, the power, and the impact of all the doctrines and stories in the Bible. ( Life-study of Exodus, p. 1259)


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