Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of April

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2 Sam. 5:10 “And David became greater and greater; and Jehovah the God of hosts was with him.”




David is a typical model of a genuine child of Israel in the enjoyment of the good land promised and given by God to His chosen people, by trusting in God and walking with God according to His leading and instruction. David expected to remain in the good land and share in Jehovah’s inheritance and serve Him (26:19b). His sincere trust in God and his faithful walk with God qualified him fully to enjoy the good land to a high level, even up to the kingship in the good land according to God’s heart with a kingdom which became the kingdom of God on the earth. David was one with God. What was his was God’s, and what was God’s was his. He and God had only one kingdom. Such a one enjoyed the good land, Christ, to the uttermost.


David’s being established by God is seen…in the building of Zion as his stronghold and of Jerusalem (2 Sam. 5:9). Furthermore, “David became greater and greater; and Jehovah the God of hosts was with him” (v. 10). This indicates that David had God’s presence. In serving the Lord, we need to have the assurance that we have His presence. If we are really following the Lord for the fulfillment of His economy, we will certainly have His presence. If in any matter we do not have the inner sense that the Lord is with us, we must be careful and consider our way…. In the Lord’s recovery, whenever we do anything, we must take care of the sense of the Lord’s presence. (Life-study of 1 & 2 Samuel, pp. 142, 144)

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