Prayer Burdens – Week 5 of May

Jun 1, 2015 by


1. Pray for the saints in Maidi whose houses were destroyed in the earthquake that they would have a suitable place to stay before the rainy season comes in June.
2. Pray that people’s heart would be open to the gospel and that the saints would grasp this opportunity to preach the gospel of the kingdom as priests of the gospel.


1. Pray for the construction of the meeting hall in Ho Chi Minh City and that the saints would all have a share of this blessing by offering for such need.
2. Pray for the continual shepherding of the newly baptized ones in Phan Thiet, My Tho and Phu Quoc that the Lord would raise up churches in these 3 localities this year.


1. Pray for the practice of the church life in the new localities of Lashio City, Moe Nyin City and Putao City.
2. Pray for the translation of the Old Testament Recovery version.

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