Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of November

Nov 28, 2016 by


1. Pray for the 3-month Host Training in Karachi and Islamabad that these hosts and helpers would be strengthened to take care of the new ones through morning revival and home shepherding, and that the new ones can become remaining fruit in the church.

2. Pray for the church in Lahore that the saints can be prepared to start the 3-month Host Training.


Papua New Guinea

Pray for the ministry to be known by more local people and more ministry books to be translated into local language to gain the seeking ones.



1. Pray for the International Blending Conference in Matupi from Dec. 2-4 that 900 local saints and 30 overseas saints from 6 countries will enter into the speaking and be blended together.

2. Pray for the 95 trainees of the FTTY to grow in life and be equipped with the truth.

3. Pray for the mass distribution of 7 Reama books in Myanmar.

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