Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of June

Jun 26, 2017 by


1. Pray for the graduating trip of 3 teams of trainees with serving ones from 6/24-7/1 to encourage and fellowship with the young ones in the churches to join the Full-time Training and for 25 new trainees to be released to join the coming July term of FTTND.
2. Pray for the New Testament Recovery Version Translation Project into 6 Indian languages and may the Lord strengthen and preserve the tripartite beings of the translators.



1. Pray for the FTTY trainees to gain more of the divine life.
2. Pray for the translation work of the Old Testament Recovery Version, Life-study of Genesis and the HWMR.
3. Pray for all the saints in Myanmar to be one and be faithful to the Lord’s recovery and His move.

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