Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of November

Nov 16, 2020 by

1. Pray for the reproduction and increase of the Church in Phnom Penh, that the Lord can gain more families to be His testimony.
2. Pray for more young people to join the Nazarite perfecting training that they can be equipped with the truth and become useful vessels to the Lord.


1. Pray for the burden of gospel preaching to be released in the fellowship, and for the saints to be burdened and perfected for the gospel preaching in their own area.
2. Pray for more translators to be raised up and for more gospel messages for people of different backgrounds to be translated.


1. Pray for the propagation of the full-timers to gain 20 stable young people.
2. Pray for the saints to receive the burden and go out for shepherding two by two.

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