Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of March

Mar 17, 2020 by

1. Pray for 15 local full-timers who graduated from the Batam Training; may the Lord strengthen their living and serving.
2. Pray for the trainees of the Nazarites’ Perfecting Class; may the Lord strengthen them in pursuing the truth, studying language and propagation.


1. Pray for the Recovery Version Translation Project into 6 local Indian languages, that all the translators can be strengthened in their spirit, soul and body; also remember the preparation of Hindi translators for the Recovery Version translation as the 7th Indian language.
2. Pray for the new term of FTTND, that the Lord will strengthen the 10 new trainees beginning first term; pray also for the 24 continuing trainees to be perfected and to advance further in truth, life, service and character in order to be useful to the Master.


Pray for the saints in Lahore to be burdened for the Lord’s commission and carry out the God-ordained way faithfully, especially in gospel preaching and home visiting; may the whole church be brought into this practice with everyone functioning in the church.

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