Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of June

Jun 22, 2021 by


1. Pray for the new testimony in Ha Long; may the Lord preserve the two young families that migrated there and open the way for preaching the gospel to the factory workers.

2. Pray for the full-timer training in Vietnam; may the Lord preserve all the trainees in their 6-week propagation in the localities.



1. Pray for the translation work and for more translators to be raised up to cooperate with the Lord to release His riches; also pray for the saints to redeem their time to enter into His riches and experience Him.

2. Pray for the saints to establish a life of morning revival, prayer, Bible-reading and gospel preaching and become vital members in the church life.


Sri Lanka

1. Pray for the spirit, soul and body of three Recovery Version Bible translators and their families to be preserved.

2. Pray for the saints to care for the needs of the churches and the work by practicing one-tenth offering.

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