Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of June

Jun 20, 2017 by


1. Pray for the newly started young people’s meeting in Pokhara and may the Lord raise up the young people to love the truth and become useful vessels in His recovery through reading the Bible.
2. Pray for the saints in Lalitpur to fully enter into the New Believers Series in the coming 3 months and to practice Bible reading daily from this month onward.



1. Pray for the new ones gained in the two-week propagation in Islamabad and Lahore to be fed in the home meetings and grow in life.
2. Pray for 40 saints to be released to join the One-month Training from 7/1-29 and be enlightened in their spirit to love the Lord and practice the God-ordained Way in each locality.


Sri Lanka
1. Pray for the Intensified Propagation in Kotte, Colombo Dis. with 6 full-timers from Taiwan from 5/4-6/25 and may the Lord release 15 families and raise up the testimony on June 25.
2. Pray for all the local churches to pick up the burden to go out to preach the gospel and have home meetings in the new ones’ home weekly.

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