Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of January

Jan 18, 2016 by


1. Pray for the ongoing propagation in New Delhi, Faridabad, and Navi Mumbai by the FTTT & FTTND trainees.
2. Pray for the propagation in New Delhi and the flood-affected areas in Chennai by the students from Taiwan from Jan. 19-28.

Papua New Guinea:

1. Pray for a golden lampstand to be raised up in Port Moresby.
2. Pray for the young people’s meeting to be established in Port Moresby and for saints to be burdened for the young people.
3. Pray for the saints to establish the habit of reading the Bible and praying with companions.


1. Pray for the saints and gospel friends that attended the Chinese-speaking New Year’s Conference to establish a habit of morning revival that through having morning revival with companions, they would be filled with the Spirit and the word in their daily living.
2. Pray for a breakthrough in the saints’ gospel preaching that the Lord would strengthen the saints and grant them wisdom to seek out new outlets for the gospel.
3. Pray for the promotion of Rhema booklets, especially promotion on the internet, that the riches of the ministry would reach and manifest the genuine seekers.

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