Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of August

Aug 20, 2018 by

Sri Lanka
1. Pray for the National Blending Conference from 8/24-26 that the Lord would release 400 saints to participate in the blending.
2. Pray for 55 saints from Taiwan visiting the churches from 8/21-24 that all the saints would be blended into the one new man.


Pray for the establishing of the prayer and service fellowship meetings in the churches in Nepal and may the Lord stir up all the saints to participate in the meetings to cooperate with His heavenly ministry.


Pray for the Christians and gospel contacts under shepherding. May the Lord give them the thirst for His word and subjective experiences of His life.


Pray for the blending conference in Hanoi from 8/25-27 and the move of the gospel in Northern Vietnam.


Pray for the gospel move of the new cities in the northern states of Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand that the Lord can raise up His testimony in the major cities through the spreading of the ministry and the shepherding of these new ones and the seeking ones.


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