Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of September

Sep 18, 2018 by

1. Pray for the saints who joined the training in Dineskur to be perfected by the Lord’s word.
2. Pray for the propagation in Kubipara area (new area). May the Lord increase the number of families and young people in His church.


1. Pray for the brothers in Lahore to be released from their work and be constituted with the divine truth through PSRP-pray-reading, study, reciting and prophesying.
2. Pray for the national conference in November and that the Lord would bless all the arrangements, including the meeting place and the editing of the message outlines, and release more seeking ones to join the meeting.


1. Pray for the 76 FTTY trainees (40 brothers and 36 sisters) to grow in life and be gained by the Lord.
2. Pray for the ongoing printing of the Recovery Version of the Holy Bible.

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