Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of February

Feb 18, 2024 by


Pray for the saints to have a spirit of wisdom and revelation and to bind the evil spiritual forces behind them that prevent them from entering the all-inclusive good land, so that God’s word can enter into them and that they can see God’s light and economy.



Pray for the young people in Cambodia to be raised up so that the next generation can be strong and that they can not only be saved but also be perfected to become persons receiving the commission.



Pray for the saints in Lalitpur to be perfected in the burden and practice of the new way so that more vital groups can be produced for the organic gospel preaching and shepherding.



Pray for the propagation in Wah Cantt, that 5-8 home can be gained and a prayer meeting can be established in March.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the Lord’s table attendance of the church in Colombo to reach 100 saints by the June, 2024.



Pray for the practice of the God-ordained way; may the Lord give the saints grace, preserve the local environment, and bring the sons of peace to the saints.

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