Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of February

Feb 17, 2021 by

Pray for the Turkish speaking saints and gospel friends to be open vessels to receive the Lord and His word and be perfected to be functioning members in the church life; also pray for their families to be gained.


Pray for the saints to live according to Matthew 25, being a virgin to love the Lord with a pure heart to gain the oil and being a servant to serve the Lord faithfully to carry out the God-ordained way to earn more talent.


1. Pray for the saints in the church in Vientiane to be burdened and endeavor to reach the goal for 2021.
2. Pray for the saints to go out in coordination for shepherding in twos and threes.


1. Pray for more saints to participate in the daily prayer of the brothers and the weekly prayer of the sisters, have a subjective relationship with the Lord and take part in the church service.
2. Pray for the spiritual atmosphere of the online perfecting meetings to be strengthened and for more saints to join this meeting and be perfected in truth.

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