Prayer Burdens – Week 1 of September

Sep 9, 2014 by


1. Pray for the gospel move in September in the University of Zambia that the Lord would gain many young people right at the beginning of their college life.
2. Pray for more key families to be gained in Lusaka.


1. Pray for the gospel move in New Delhi, Chennai and other localities from Sep 8 to 21 that the saints would be brought into the function of gospel preaching through which increase can be brought in.
2. Pray for FTTND trainees’ weekend propagations and for the shepherding of all the new ones gained by the trainees that they would become remaining fruit.

Sri Lanka:

1. Pray for the two-week propagation in Colombo from Sept. 1 to 14 to raise up 8 families.
2. Pray for the shepherding of the 10 newly baptized ones in Jaffna University by pray-reading God’s word with them and that of 3 homes in the community through home meetings.

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